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Rider Profile: BobA (Old Timer)

Rider Profile: BobA (Old Timer)
Real Name:   Bob
Age:   111
Motorcycle(s):   2006 Ninja 250 (black) - SOLD
1988 Ninja 250 (black) - parts bike - most parts SOLD
1990 Ninja 250 (black - now silver) - being restored - Now SOLD
2011 V-strom DL650 ABS
Riding Since:   1970s off and on, but recently since 2007
Location:   Millington, NJ
Occupation:   web developer, writer, engineer,photographer
Cool Link:
2006 Black Ninja (SOLD 7/11)
Integrated tail lights
Luggage Rack (custom bracket)
Direction Indicators on mirrors
Custom Top Box w/brake and indicator lights
15T front sprocket
Fiamm Horn
LED running lights
12v power outlet for GPS etc.
Custom dash with lights for "fan on", "reserve on", "left signal" and "right signal"
Electronic speedometer with trip functions and clock (Sigma).

1988 Ninja - parts bike, brought home on trailer
Not run in years
Bad shock
No gas cap lock
No title
Bad tires
Leaking forks
Dropped - with light and fairing damage

This bike now in pieces.

1990 Ninja - project bike, brought home on trailer. Reluctantly sold...
22,000 miles. Chain had jumped and jammed very solidly in front sprocket housing
(which had to be chiseled off!). Bike had
also been down a few times

Replaced front and rear sprockets
Repacked cush drive
Replaced chain
Replaced front sprocket housing (had to break old one off)
Replaced front forks
Replaced brake lever
Replaced fan switch
Replaced steering head bearings
Replaced front brake pads
Repaired mutiple fairing breaks and cracks
Repaired missing chunks of lower fairing
Fabricated new fairing mounting tabs (old ones broken off)
Repainted (Silver and Red)
Rebuilt rear suspension
Repaired holes in fuel tank
"De-rusted" fuel tank (not perfect, but better than it was...)
Rejetted carbs (bike came with Muzzy + K&N)
Replaced brake fluid
Bent foot pegs back into place
Bent shifter back into place
Bent rear brake lever back into place
Reset valve clearances
Serviced cam chain tensioner
Added driving lights
Added clock
Added luggage carrier + top box
Added tail/stop lighs in outer pod
Added stop lights to top box and luggage carrier
Modified rear fender
Repacked Muzzy muffler
Added center stand
Added stop bracket for center stand
Mounted new Pirelli Scooter Diablo on rear
Added restrictor to Muzzy to lower noise
Added Fiamm Freeway Blaster horn
Added extended "dashboard"
Added extra L+R turn signal indicators

Still to do....
Fix slight leak from water pump - replaced water pump
Clutch basket is noisy - but then all of them are
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Last Updated June 10, 2014