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Rider Profile: Bokonon (car guy once again)

Rider Profile: Bokonon (car guy once again)
Real Name:   Mark Venekamp
Age:   60
Motorcycle(s):   2005 EX250F
Formerly: Had a Yamaha FZ 600 something and a Honda 500 Interceptor in the late 80's. Was scared to ride them. I was underdressed, unprepared, and uninformed.
I didn't ride again until I moved to Elmerstan, where I became a motorcycle addict... on a scooter.
* 1997 SYM NSR150 - Don't like 2-strokes; don't like kick starters.
* 2006 Honda CBR150 - Never could get comfortable on it.
* 2001 Yamaha SV MAX 125, modified to 161cc (it was a.... err... scooter)
Riding Since:   2003
Location:   Grants Pass, OR
Occupation:   Grease Monkey in Training
Cool Link:  
My brother-in-law gave me his scooter when he moved to China in 2003. A light, small-wheeled vehicle with a short wheelbase is the perfect machine for the narrow, tight-cornered roads in Elmerstan. But now that I'm back in the US, I'm scooter trash no more.

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Last Updated March 17, 2016