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Rider Profile: Dakotamatt (Regular)

Rider Profile: Dakotamatt (Regular)
Real Name:   Matt
Age:   2021
Motorcycle(s):   Blue 2009 ER-6N
Black 1999 ex250
Riding Since:   2009
Location:   Novi, MI
Occupation:   Electrical Engineer / Project Engineer
Cool Link:  
Feel free to contact me if you're in the area and you need help with your bike or want company on a ride

Recommended Links:
- The FAQ: If you haven't been here yet shame on you
- WebBikeWorld: An excellent site for independent motorcycle product reviews
- RevZilla: Excellent deals on motorcycle gear and equipment
- Sportbike Track Gear: Another great place for motorcycle gear. Their storefront is local (to me) and the guys there are extremely nice. Can't recommend this site enough
- Ron Ayers: Good source for OEM parts
- Race Tech/Sonic Springs: Great suspension products
- Daughtery Motorsports: Specialist suspension repair / refurbishment

Current ER-6N Setup:
- Tires: Michelin Pilot Road 4
- Engine: Mobil 1 Motorcycle 10W-40 Full Synthetic
- Accessories: Barkbuster Storm handguards / Loobman AB auto chain oiler / RAM x-grip mount system

Current Ninja Setup:
- Tires: Bridgestone BT45
- Brakes: EBC FA 129HH front pads / SBS 615LF ceramic rear
- F. Suspension: Sonic Springs fork springs / Gold Valve Emulators / 15w fork oil @ 120mm oil height
- R. Suspension: Ex250 Fox TC rear shock w/Hyperco spring
- Engine: Shell Rotella-T 5w40 Full Synthetic (Switched from Valvoline MC 10W40 at 7000mi)
- Accessories: Cortech Sport tail bag / Cortech Sport saddle bags / Kawasaki solo rear Seat Cowl

Current Gear:
- Jacket: Joe Rocket Rasp
- Pants: Joe Rocket Alter Ego
- Gloves: Alpinestar SP-8
- Boots: Alpinestar S-MX 5
- Helmet: Scorpion EXO-R2000 Red/Black/White Ion graphic with dark tint and clear visor
- Accessories: Foggy Respro anti-fog mask / Sena SMH10 Stereo Bluetooth Intercom

Current Projects:
- In-dash 1.5" Organic LED clock/voltage/temperature display

Wish List:
- Open road, clear skies and good company

General Comments:
- Ruglyde is your friend. Tires almost mount themselves with it.
- I own the service manual and the supplement. I've read the FAQ dozens of times. I'm still learning new things about my bike every day :)
- Think long and hard before deciding you can't perform your own maintinance. Half the fun is turning the wrench yourself. Learning is the other half!

Fun Quotes
"I have asked dozens of riders how they turn a bike to the left. I have never found a single person who stated all the facts correctly when first asked. They almost invariably said that, to turn to the left, they turned the handlebar to the left and as a result made a turn to the left. But on further questioning them, some would agree that they first turned the handlebar a little to the right, and then as the machine became inclined to the left, they turned the handlebar to the left and made a circle, inclining inwardly."
Wilbur Wright on the effects of counter-steering to turn a bicycle
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Last Updated July 22, 2019