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Rider Profile: Ian (Now wth ball and chain)

Rider Profile: Ian (Now wth ball and chain)
Real Name:   Ian Baillie
Age:   48
Motorcycle(s):   Red '08 Ducati 848
White '89 Honda Pacific Coast
Red '89 Honda Hawk GT
Riding Since:   I was a wee lad.
Location:   Sometimes here, usually there. Almost always on Earth. Now in CO.
Occupation:   Mercenary for hire.
Cool Link:  
Honda NT650: Red with a LOUD Muzzy anti-performance muffler. Bought not so recently for $350 from the NYPD auction. Uni-Pods and Barnett Clutch Springs are NOT the only mods... Racetech Emulators, .90 Forksprings, Wilburs Rear Shock, Avon AV49/50 SP Radial tires. So far, that is! ;)

Past bikes, in order of ownership:

'75 CB200T
'94 Honda Nighthawk (250)
'95 Honda Shadow VLX (600)
'97 Honda Magna (750 V-4) Evil bike
#1 love of my life; died a horrible death.
'02 Ninja (250) Shelly stole it from me!
Future bikes, hopefully in each consecutive year, starting next spring, but in a currently unknown order:

And last but not least, A Robotech Cyclone Rider.
The bike that made me want to ride in the first place.
Very rare, they are ;) Always seem to be running out of Protoculture.
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Last Updated July 21, 2010