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Rider Profile: JPOnion (Rookie)

Rider Profile: JPOnion (Rookie)
Real Name:   Chris
Age:   37
Motorcycle(s):   2006 SV650
2006 Ural Patrol
Riding Since:   July, 2006
Location:   Reno, NV
Occupation:   Software Engineer
Cool Link:  
I live in Southern Oregon. As a n00b rider, I couldn't have asked to be in a better location. Twisties, mountains, deserts, beaches, much so close. There's no place like Oregon.

This N250 is my first bike. I had been shopping around for a bike locally on craigslist for about a month or two, and couldn't find anything I was interested in. As I was leaving for vacation to Portland, I found two likely bikes. An N500, and this N250. The N500 ended up being a flop, so I checked on the N250. The ad listed it as a 2000 with 55,000 miles, and when I got there it was a 2001 with 5,500 miles. The price was good for what the misprinted ad was showing, it was even better for the real bike. I bought it then and there, and haven't regretted it since.

Mods done:
Pirelli tires
KIA front turn signals
Cheap walmart watch attached to the handlebar

Mods to come:

Scorpion EXO400 Helmet
Tourmaster Flex Jacket
Fieldsheer Titanium Air Pants
Sidi Way Tempor Boots
Triumph Raptor Gloves

** UPDATE **

I moved to Reno and bought a 2006 SV650 and new gear. There's a few really nice roads, but for the most part I'm missing S. Oregon.

** UPDATE **

In December 2009 I told my Ninja 250 to a friend of mine, user ptsoldan. I also bought a 2006 Ural Patrol.
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Last Updated January 8, 2010