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Rider Profile: Jace Bror (Lurker)

Rider Profile: Jace Bror (Lurker)
Real Name:   Eli Gaffke
Age:   40
Motorcycle(s):   '07 Vulcan 900
'00 Vulcan 750 (Sold)
'05 250 (Sold)
'79 Suzuki GS 550L (Burned)
Riding Since:   May 07
Location:   Prior Lake
Occupation:   HVAC
Cool Link:
Stripped all vinyl off, put on Jap characters
Installed Back-Off XP brake light flasher (Just added brake lights to the extra pods, made the outside ones flash differently then the center one, friggin sweeet)
Installed Heads up headlight flasher
Changed shifter direction, just makes more sense to me this way.
Metzler ME880 rear tire, alot better on wet roads

Well I did have to break down and sell the Ninja. Wife's rearend couldnt tackle the rear seat on the ninja anymore. But stayed in the Kawi family.

Got a 2000 Vulcan 750
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Last Updated March 19, 2010