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Rider Profile: Jammers (Rookie)

Rider Profile: Jammers (Rookie)
Real Name:   Dan Jaynes
Motorcycle(s):   1989 Ninja 250R
1980 Suzuki GS450S
Riding Since:   1998
Location:   Portland
Occupation:   Wind Energy Engineer
Cool Link:
The Bike:
I Purchased my 1989 Ninja 250 on Jul 10th, 2005 inoperable for $450. Now I am learning so much about motorcycle engines, and carburetors throughout my repair and maintenance work and I'm loving every bit of it. I hope to be as knowledgeable as some of the other, more senior members that are affiliated with this rider forum. After about one month of weekend tinkering and $115 in parts, I got the bike in perfect working condition!

Additions I would like to make: a seriously adjusted seat to make it easier to fit my 6'3" lankiness on, expanded capacity fuel tank, touring
windscreen, risers, new tires, 44T, 15T sprocket. Otherwise, I'm pretty much planning on keeping the bike stock.

Gear: Joe Rocket leather motorcycle jacket, Chase
Harper tank bag, Alpinestars summer riding gloves, Swift weatherproof winter gloves. Planning on purchasing some rain gear
as well

My main interests are in motorcycle maintenance but
I have to keep myself well rounded so I also enjoy reading the
classics/philosophy, mountain biking, wines, backcountry backpacking, SCUBA diving, bird watching, recycling everything, and of course listening to music from all over the world - in various genres. Soon, I hope to include
cross-country cycling to this list; I'm considering a trip across Canada!

I am a wind energy engineer with Garrad Hassan America. I specialize in Lidar technology.

Future Plans:
Keep my Ninja 250 as a commuter/daily rider and
purchase an old sport touring cycle on which to cruise long distances, build a
passive-solar design house, travel extensively, help our country achieve energy
independence and curtail global climate change!
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Last Updated September 7, 2009