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Rider Profile: JoeDane (Rookie)

Rider Profile: JoeDane (Rookie)
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I have been banned from the forums for *quote/unquote* making a VERY mild political statement, about a former president. i was then messaged by BrianM, and told that that was NOT allowed here.

i then searched the entire site for a "Terms of Service", to no avail, and then read the articles concerning rules for posting in the forums, turning up nothing that resembled a banishment policy upon posting political opinions.

the statement was OBVIOUSLY a joke, and was taken WAY too seriously, by someone who is overly abusive of such an insignificant authority.

after being "warned" by BrianM about the "other admins" who dont appreciate those kind of statements, and responding with my defense, followed with a unanimously unspoken observation, i was deemed unworthy to post in the forums.

apparently, the only persons allowed to state their opinions or jokes, without being harassed by certain headstrong/ornery admins, are the other admins themselves, and a handful of rude, older members.

there is a silent amendment to the "rules for posting" article. it states that no new member shall be respected in his/her opinions, no matter how insightful or clever they are. all young minds are reckless and ignorant, and should bow down, shake their heads "yessir", agree, and absorb all opinions and imput from older members unconditionally.

this mindset is what prevents any forward motion. it usurps the spirit, and dumbs the minds of otherwise intelligent youth.

"It is the nay-saying, the pushing away of all that is awkward, painful, and difficult which leads to our lives being drained of colour..." - Nietzsche
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Last Updated December 31, 2009