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Rider Profile: M-Pire (Lurker)

Rider Profile: M-Pire (Lurker)
Real Name:   Dave Scott
Age:   53
Motorcycle(s):   2006 Ninja 250 in Blue (sold)
Currently Between Bikes
Riding Since:   2005
Location:   Gresham, OR
Occupation:   Insurance
Cool Link:
Update Dec 08-
I sold my baby last year. Currently without a bike. Unemployment sucked!

I had not done too much to the bike, but here is what had been upgraded when I sold her: Gotta love those FAQ's
K&N Air Filter (not pods)
Carbon Fiber Muzzy Single Pipe Exhaust (waste of money)
Re-Jetted carb.
EX-500 Rear Shock
Gel Grips
Keith In Asia's flush signals in front. (carbon look)
Pirelli Sport Deamon tires (OMG YES!)
Up-sized front sprocket
Front Fork Mod

The muzzy was a classic waste of time and money. The ONLY benefit was that it was only warm to the touch after hours of riding. I had to park it against a wall in my garage and was afraid of a fire hazard from a hot pipe. Other than that, the muzzy was worthless. Yeah, it looked cool, but 6 $100 bills in my hand looks cooler. Oh yeah, it also required removing the center stand. :(

When I get another 250, the front forks are the first thing to get done! Definately a HUGE upgrade. Recommended to all. I'd do the K&N and jets again for sure. Gave me an extra 2 hp. (Yup a 10% increase). Upgrading the rear shock to the EX500 was worthwhile as well. And if you have not tried riding on a set of Sport Deamons yet... you are missing out on a totally different (better) bike! Yes, they made that much of a difference!

I always enjoy meeting other riders in the area, or areas I travel to. Feel free to drop me a line and let's meet for coffe and get some GRR points. I've met some really neat people here already.

Alpine Stars TZ1 Jacket & Track Pants
Held Akira Gloves
Sidi Vertigo Corsa boots
Shoei XSP-II & TZ-1 Helmets

A little about me:
Male, 39. Wishing to be divorced. I have a 9 year old son. Computer geek. Home Theater enthusiast. Learning guitar.

Riding style:
"Ride your own ride." I'm not into showing off or trying to impress anyone. Definately not into stunting. I ride within my own limits. I really enjoy the twisties, the freeway is boring. I don't like to cruise more than 5-10 over the speed limit on the straights. In the twisties though, the only limits I pay attention to are my own. My driving record is clean and I'd like to keep it that way. ;)

On group rides, I like to give extra room between me and the rider in front of me, I don't like to follow or be followed too close. I find it extremely rude to pass a fellow rider without warning. (think litre bikes on straights)

My take on gear... "If it's too hot for gear, it's too hot to ride." That pretty much sums it up. I'm a bit of a gear Nazi. I always wear full gear, regardless of temp or distance. Everyone has the right to gear up how they see fit. Just don't expect much sympathy if you go down in shorts, t-shirt, sneakers or without a helmet. Who wants to see hamburger on a ride unless it is on a bun at the resturant at the end of the ride? :D

So, if you like to ride safe, courteous and smart, let's go for a ride!
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Last Updated April 9, 2010