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Rider Profile: Mike1316 (Mike Who??)

Rider Profile: Mike1316 (Mike Who??)
Real Name:   Mike
Motorcycle(s):   2005 Honda Shadow Aero 750
2005 Kawasaki Ninja EX250
Riding Since:   October 2005
Location:   Gaithersburg, MD
Occupation:   Teacher
Cool Link:  
Current Mods:
--Fender elimination with signals integrated into empty pods.
--License plate light used as undertail light for added visibility. (thanks for the idea, opossum!)
--Took out tailight with Spinning LED. Damn thing produces no light.
--Put in a blinking brake light modulator. Much better.
--Clear Alternatives clear pod lenses
--Pirelli Sport Demons (take these on the track, they warm fast and stick like none other. You'll never buy a different tire after these.)
--Racetech Cartridge Fork Valve Emulators (I love these. I just love them.)
--aftermarket tapered bearing headset with headtube races (came with the new forks I difference in feel, but they'll supposedly outlast the bike by about 100 years.)
--Racetech fork springs (0.8kg/mm, but they're a little too stiff for me...I may change them out, or I'll just put on some pounds ;-) )
--Removed airbox, rejetted, put pod filters (hardly noticeable performance difference, but much easier to pull carbs)
--Braided steel front brake line (nice feel)
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Last Updated July 29, 2011