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Rider Profile: ddennis669 (Enthusiast)

Rider Profile: ddennis669 (Enthusiast)
Real Name:   David Dennis
Age:   68
Motorcycle(s):   2009 Piaggio BV250 Tourer
2013 Honda NC700x
2003 Kawasaki Super Sherpa
Riding Since:   1967
Location:   Santa Maria, California
Cool Link:  
2006 Ninja 250, purchased Feb. 24, 2007

Set up for commuting and touring.

Avon Roadrider tires
15/44 Gearing
Mike's tall windshield
Motorcycle Larry's bar risers
Corbin Saddle
Chase Harper 1150 tank bag
Nelson-Rigg saddlebags
Custom aluminum rear rack

Transcontinental Ninja
36 days, 15,000+ miles.

What I think of the Ninja, if anyone cares.

Contrary to popular opinion, I do not think the Ninja is "just a good beginner's bike". I find it to be the world's most refined, lightweight, roadster. There was time that that could be appreciated. Alas, in our drive for more profits, our businesses have convinced us that bigger, faster, and more is always better. And our fear of being different, being set apart, keeps us from making a decision for ourselves. Even in the world of non-conformist like motorcyclists once were, we are like sheep. Buying the fastest or coolest, even though it has nothing to do with how we ride. But maybe all about why.

Even us Ninja guys flock to this site to find like minded people to reassure us that we bought the right bike. We even have our FAQ commandments that we all must know before asking a question.

It is that desire to "not be like the others" that brought me to the Ninja. You see, I am not a beginner. This is about my 50th motorcycle over a 40 year riding career. I still own 4 other bikes. And from 1976 to 86, I was employed as a Honda/Kawasaki/Yamaha parts guy, service tech, service manager. During those years, I either owned, raced, broke, repaired, or at least test rode, almost every bike built during that time period. I know a little about performance motorcycling too, as an AMA Enduro A card holder and a top 100 ranked Cross Country racer in California's District 36 for the year 2000. I've raced on dirt tracks, motocross tracks, in stadiums, arenas, on the ice, in the woods, the desert and in trials events. On the pavement, I have ridden 75,000 miles over the last 10 years, on various bikes. (Honda NX650, BMW R75/6, Royal Enfield 500, Ducati 900ss).

I feel it is time we stop buying things just because they need to make more money. What does one need in a motorbike to go motorcycling? Nothing more than the Ninja. It is a good motorcycle.

As proof I used the Ninja to go Coast to Coast in under 50 hours. Then the 250 Ninja took me to from Key West, Florida and Prudhoe Bay, Alaska in 14 days. And then safely back to California. This same "little" Ninja also took me from Mexico to Canada in under 24 hours.

So I would have to say, not bad for a beginner's bike.
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Last Updated March 2, 2021