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Rider Profile: jeffdenverco (Enthusiast)

Rider Profile: jeffdenverco (Enthusiast)
Real Name:   Jeff Schneider
Age:   63
Motorcycle(s):   2006 Ninja EX250
Riding Since:   05/06
Location:   Denver, Co
Occupation:   Retired, now I do Communications work
Cool Link:
Single and this list of qualifications:

I have a job. My own teeth, my own life and want to share it. I have been around. I am comfortable with myself. A sense of humor, a kind heart, a good head, an adventurous nature. My profile has photos. I am not a hunter, I do not need a mother for my child. (He is a grown adult) I can laugh at myself. No bald spot, do not need a green card, I put the toilet seat up and back down. I have the ability to dance, and kiss. I am responsible, I like to explore; I still have some of the little boy inside me. I like to stand my ground. I am comfortable in blue jeans (4 pair of 501 no holes). 7 or 10 suites if the need arises, oh yea, dress shoes to match. I've never been in jail; ok I worked in one, as an employee not a trustee.

5100 - Switched to Shell Rotella T.
5700 - ZX600 Shock
5800 - R1 Mirrors
5915 - Pirelli Sport Demon
6100 - I installed #35 pilot jets,
Yes, I installed the jets.
And the Muzzy
7036 - UNI pods
7100 - I installed #108 Main jets
4 #2 washers on each Needle jet
7600 - I installed #110 Main jets
9126 - 6 #2 washers on each Needle jet
9236 - Beat Mike1316 by 10 feet in mid 2nd gear.
9629 - 3 #2 washers on each Needle jet
9635 - F-ing a baby, NINJA runs better than the day I purchased the bike, and the bike ran better than 95% of the others I heard about,next the Dino.
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Last Updated May 18, 2008