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Rider Profile: keer (Rookie)

Rider Profile: keer (Rookie)
Real Name:   Keer
Motorcycle(s):   04 Ninja 250 (Dark Gun Metal - Stock)
04 Ninja 250 (Yellow - Streetfighter to be)
Riding Since:   A few years
Location:   Humboldt county, CA
Occupation:   Eternal student of everything
Cool Link:
So glad to be involved with this site. Great stuff here. Good people, too.

Been riding a few years now. Being 30-something and an official "grown-up," I've been through a few street legal bikes: 1. Hyosung 125 enduro, 2. '87 Honda 450 Rebel, 3. a '96 Yamaha XJ600 Seca II.

I currently own two 2004 N250's and I couldn't be happier with them. Unfortunately, my first N250 is what is known as a "49er" or "49 state emissions legal" bike. I moved to CA several months ago and was unaware that CA requires - "CA bikes!" So, I'm sadly going to be parting out my 49er. It's a long story as to why I've come down to that choice, but, I'll be down to one bike very soon.

My other bike a yellow 2004 N250 is a newly aquired wrecked bike that I am in the process of converting into a very cool streetfighter. I actually haven't even gotten it home yet, have to run down to San Francisco on June 18th to pick it up. But, it shouldn't take too long to get it together and as soon as I finish, I'll get before and after pics of the Yellow StreetFighter up to share.

The MODS on my 2004 full fairing stock 49er that will soon be parted are as follows:

1. Sexy Custom Dark Metallic Gun Metal Paint job.
2. KIA flush mount front signals
3. Homemade Fender Eliminator
4. No decals

The MODS for the Yellow N250 CA StreetFighter are as follows:

1. Matt Black Dominator Twin HeadLamps
2. AceWell 3700 SlideOut Digital Speedo/Tach
3. 7/8 bar clamp mount Matt Black Euro LED signal Mirrors
4. KIA front signals mounted on under-rear of fender eliminator as rear signals
5. Mini-Mount turn signals mounted on homefabricated brackets to front forks
6. Becky's custom seat creations 2 tone black and yellow leather seat cover
7. Yellow Reflective Rim Lip decals
8. Black leather tank bra
9. Reflective Custom body decals
10. Gas cap cover pad
11. Homemade Fender eliminator
12. 15 tooth sprocket set for highway riding
13. POSSIBLY a Kirker 2 in 1 aftermarket exhaust. (That one's up in the air for now.)

I'll be posting pics of my bikes soon!

And finally, I here oldtimer's say it's good to have gear... well, I figured it was time to take an actual inventory of all my riding clutter...

1. Black Nitro Vega year round jacket
2. Black Nitro Mesh 3 season Jacket
3. Black Fieldsheer leather cafe racer jacket
4. Black leather FirstGear Classic biker jacket
5. Blue 3M ScotchLite Winter riding coat
6. Black Joe Rocket pwerGlide Boots (3 season)
7. Black Rocky Kevlar winter boots
8. Black Polo 3 season riding boots
9. Black CAN 3/4 helmet
10. Black CAN full-face Modular helmet
11. Yellow ICON full-face helmet
12. Black leather Alpinestars SPS dinky summer gloves
13. Black Leather FirstGear Star gauntlets (spring/summer)
14. Black Leather Teknic Venom racing gloves (3 season)
15. Black Leather Joe Rocket Comet gloves (colder riding)
16. Black FirstGear HT Textile Air Over-Pants
17. Cheesy PVC rain-suit that's hot as hell
18. Black Nylon Nelson-Rigg Mini-Magnetic tank bag
19. Black Nylon Nelson-Rigg Sport tail-pack

Still have more on my Christmas list, too. Yep. I'm a gear-hound!
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Last Updated July 20, 2006