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Rider Profile: lunchmeat (Rookie)

Rider Profile: lunchmeat (Rookie)
Real Name:   Jedd
Age:   30
Motorcycle(s):   2004 EX250 (Blue)
1994 Honda Magna (sitting in driveway for a year...sigh.)
Riding Since:   May 2007...? I think?
Location:   Tallahassee
Occupation:   general nuisance :P
Cool Link:  
Turns out I don't know as much about my bike as I thought I did. I've had it for approximately two years and didn't know about the headlight modulator until very recently. The previous owner apparently liked Cobra F1Rs, so I'm running them. They're loud....but realistically, you don't hear them much when you get to speed, as the wind is actually louder.

Running Kenda K671s at the moment. They seem to be working pretty well so far.

White AGV K3 Helmet
Joe Rocket Phoenix 4.0 Mesh Jacket, Black (summer)
Joe Rocket Comet Jacket, Black and Red (winter)
Joe Rocket Sonic Gloves (summer)
Teknic Thunder W/P Gloves (winter)
Tourmaster Response SC boots
Joe Rocket Alter Ego Riding Pants

Bike Mods:
Brake Light Modification
15T Front Sprocket (really makes a difference; some positive, some negative)

My headlight modulator apparently died.

Mods to do:

-Different mirrors. Something. Anything. This means finding a right-hand lever that has the fitting for a handlebar mirror.
-Find a different place for the helmet lock.
-Replace Cobra F1s with stock? Not sure about this one right now.
-Handlebar risers. Maybe one day. Along with a raised seat.
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Last Updated September 28, 2009