What's the most number of miles you've travelled on your Ninja 250 in one 24-hour period?

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200 or less  28 / 28%
201-400  42 / 42%
401-600  18 / 18%
601-800  4 / 4%
More than 800  9 / 9%

Number of voters: 101

Poll created on June 18, 2004 by Payne.

Comment by indypup:

Comment by Sunderer: I'm gearing up for 1200 but it will probably be a two day affair.... I'll try and show you old geezers who's who!

Comment by KawiDavis: 445miles to Talimeno drive and back. 8-9 hour ride, Next time ill take more pics

Comment by bugsy: & 1,200 in about 3 days riding time.

Comment by Marylin: About 6 months after owning it - 270 miles.

Comment by Gordon: My butt hurt for a week!

Comment by Jaymee Sharp: The most I have rode is a little less than 700 miles. The seat isn't near as comfortable as my 600R. I would like to do my next SS1000 on the 250. I'll let you know.