Which of the following musical instruments do you play or have played?

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Brass (trumpet, tuba, etc.)  24 / 26%
Woodwind (flute, clarinet, etc.)  21 / 23%
Piano  24 / 26%
Drums  25 / 27%
Guitar/Bass  46 / 49%
Strings (violin, cello, etc.)  10 / 11%
Other  12 / 13%
None of the above  12 / 13%

Number of voters: 93

Poll created on July 8, 2004 by Payne.

Comment by indypup:

Comment by Sunderer: I'm the bottom of the barrel for music talent.....

Comment by rikkijustmike: I'm a trumpet player too...but I'm better than any of you. I gave around 1800 for my strad (a good deal).

Comment by atrain: Guitar and bass

Comment by ninjeff: I play electric and acoustic guitars, 4 & 6 string electric bass guitars, drum kit and djembes (african hand drums). I have a keyboard that doesn't get played much as well as some random other instruments.

Comment by Av8r1: I play nine instruments. not including the exhaust pipes.

Comment by bugsy: a tiny bit of mandolin as well as acoustic guitar.

Comment by NinjetteShadow: harmonica - on all but the guitar, I can usually play the melody, but no chords. Self taught.

Comment by GitchM: trombone and bass drum many, many years ago. Played bass most recently, but still long ago. Bought a guitar, but it just sits. The music has left me...

Comment by harold: When I was in elementary and middle school, I thought that having to blow into something was the stupidist way to make music ever devised. I've since softened on that issue, but my experience reflects my early prejudice.

Comment by geekonabike: Trumpet since 1978. If ever I quit, when I get back I can't believe how much fun it is. Bach Strad, 24yrs old, bought new $650 (look 'em up now!). --Mike D.