What type of face shield(s) do you use on your helmet?

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Clear  94 / 83%
Smoke  15 / 13%
Dark Smoke  20 / 18%
Amber  0 / 0%
Iridium  8 / 7%
Other  6 / 5%

Number of voters: 113

Poll created on August 20, 2004 by Payne.

Comment by indypup:

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Comment by jdonk:

Comment by Sunderer: I ride a lot a night so clear is best for me!

Comment by Craig: I just use clear because I often ride after dark and I like to see without having to carry and change shields. I do carry some cheap sunglasses for when I ride off into the sunset.

Comment by Shotgun23: 90% of the time I use a smoked, unless I'm at night, when legally I have to use the clear. I can see through the smoke one fine at night, wish I could just keep it on 24/7.

Comment by ninjeff: Clear, although I'd like to get a smoked or mirrored shield for bright daylight driving.

Comment by KawiDavis: I have clear for night, dark smoke for day. Sometimes afternoon rides are enhanced by using the clear and actually seeing the beautiful scenery.

Comment by Adam Bailey: I picked clear and other. Other being a snowmobile shield.

Comment by MIK: and sunglasses

Comment by Papaflynny: Anti-fog w/Sunglasses

Comment by GitchM: have both a clear and a gold shield for HJC CL-14. Usually use the clear and take sun glasses. The gold is a little too dark early in the morning. Sunglasses are much easier to transport.

Comment by Eric R: Dark smoke all summer long(except for weekends due to being up long before sunrise). Clear (now with fog city shield) for winter.

Comment by Marylin: Wear sunglasses during day - don't want to be caught with smoke shield at night.

Comment by Gordon: Clear and gold shields for the full face helmet and clear for the open face helmet.