How do you use your Ninja 250?

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Commuting to work/school  93 / 73%
Touring  40 / 31%
Errands  63 / 49%
Only means of transportation  18 / 14%
Racing/track days  8 / 6%
Weekend rides  101 / 79%

Number of voters: 128

Poll created on August 20, 2004 by Payne.

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Comment by Mike B:

Comment by Sunderer: My baby does everything from "yes mama's" to touring(soon)!

Comment by rikkijustmike: I had a 2001 EX250 that was my only ride for about a year. At the time, I was commuting around 150 miles a day. Now that I live closer to work, I've gotten soft, but I'm a firm believer in paying the extra money for higher quality foul weather gear.

Comment by ninjeff: I got mine for leisurely cruising on my days off work (not necessarily weekends but I chose that), and to save gas riding to work (or school if I ever go back).

Comment by KawiDavis: Usually 50miles/day

Comment by bugsy: I don't commute, but I use the 250 most any time it's only a question of getting me someplace - including 5 to several hundred miles away

Comment by Zeke: I use it for Commuting, Weekend Rides (or recreational rides), and short errands where I could use the bike.

Comment by MylittleNinjette: The bicycle is the commuter!

Comment by AlohaNinjette: Main source of transportation.

Comment by Kage: I use my baby for everything!

Comment by Jeb: Primary transportation. Have car, but drive it only when necessary.

Comment by CBChop: I ride mine everywhere in any weather condition except when its below freezing. Last year from April to December I drove a car to work only 4 times.

Comment by GitchM: have very little time to ride with a toddler at home, but its the best way to clear the mind.

Comment by IanJ: If I didn't have my other bike, the 250 would be my only means of transportation

Comment by harold: Hope to add touring to the list in a year or so.

Comment by DJ: I used to hate riding in the rain, but Its growing on me.

Comment by Eric R: Hoping to add at least some light touring to the commuting and errand running soon

Comment by Gordon: The bike is very handy for the nightly beer run to out of the way places. It gets used for food shopping a lot. If I have any work the I can use the bike I usually do since it is just more fun.