If you have experience with electric gear, especially vests, which do you use/prefer, and why? Also, do you use a thermostat?

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Gerbing  4 / 22%
Widder  10 / 56%
Other  4 / 22%

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Poll created on October 20, 2004 by Payne.

Comment by Craig: I like Widder for it's fit, durability and cost. I do not use a thermostat, just a simple on/off switch.

Comment by gbwinger: I have the vest, gloves, and thermostat. However, I use them only on my Concours. We'll see about this fall when the wife rides the Ninja, if she wants them. Gerbing Rules!

Comment by woot: I'm using a Walmart $9 seat heater cushion with a ZZR_Ron controller.

Comment by loudboys: Widder clothing uses less electricity than Gerbing. A good thing on the 250.

Comment by Daryl: Have had the vest for 16 years and it still works great. I have the bymetal thermostat I got with the vest works good but you can feel it cycle on/off, now I got the electronic thermostat now that is a steady on type, half way up you get 22w all the way u

Comment by Jeb: Cost effective

Comment by Troy: I'm a new user. About a week now. I bought the electronic thermostat.

Comment by Duke Dunsford: Widder pulls only about 40W, which will work along with the stock high-beam.

Comment by Leon: All of the above brands. Currently use a double thermostat for vest and gloves. Widder vest, gloves and chaps, Gerbings gloves and socks, Doug Grosjean's Cassiar vest and and Eclipse vest. Widder fits best. Widder 6v gloves are harder to connect than Gerbings. Cassiar vest uses Carbon fiber heating element - even heat over larger area. Electric clothes are like sex, it's possible to live your life without experiencing it, buy why would you want to.

Comment by MIK: because that's the only one I had! :-D Full jacket which is nice when it is really cold. Nice jacket and I would get it again, but just a size bigger this time. I use a thermostat, but can't find a good place to keep while riding. I have it in a 'stich pocket and can adjust when needed (while riding) but it is pain with winter gloves on. Also, it makes the head light pulsate which is annoying at night. I want to try on/off button instead just need to set some money aside for that :-)

Comment by CharlesH: Have electronic controlled thermostat with widder..only one I've had.

Comment by IanJ: I use an Aerostich Kanetsu, which is nicer to my mind than the Widder or Gerbing, for the same price. I like the fleece-ness of it, and the 'Stich controller, just like all other PWM controllers is nice, easy to use, and lightweight. I wouldn't use my vest anywhere near as much if I didn't have the thermostat, so I consider it an excellent investment.

Comment by Andrew Duthie: Of course I use a thermostat with my Widder! I use one in my house, plus all my cars and bikes have them for their engines, too. Specifically, I've got one of the rheostatic controls, since I'd rather have an even level of heat (be it low, medium, high, low-medium, medium-high, etc.) than ON.... OFF.... ON.... etc. So it works a bit better than the thermostats in the house and vehicles from that perspective.

Comment by Payne: I went with Widder because of less current draw. I use an electronic thermostat, which is a bit pricey, but very nice.

Comment by KarlP: I have Gerbing jacket & gloves because its sold by a good local store where I live. I do use a thermostat. Because I have the front blinkers running as DRLs I don't use the electrics on the Ninjette though.