Are you interested in a custom seat cowl? If so, please include your email address in the comments section. Jeb is using this in an effort to prove to Airtech that there is sufficient interest.

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Definitely  14 / 29%
Probably  14 / 29%
Probably Not  10 / 21%
No  9 / 19%

Number of voters: 48

Poll created on January 4, 2005 by Payne. It concluded on March 31, 2005.

Comment by Dave - nYc: dave@zx6r.com I would have to see the finished product, but I probably wouldn't buy it for the 250. Especially since I know airtech is going to sell cowls as is and they will need to be painted. It's just not worth the dough.

Comment by SamS: samshaffer@msn.com

Comment by Candyman: I love seeing new options for aftermarket parts for the 250. Seat cowls are standard aftermarket parts for most sportbikes, why not the 250?

Comment by zerocool: dodson99@hotmail.com

Comment by Daryl: Only if I could still have the grabrail,but maybe I could cut the back part off for that ? Perferate on the inside of cowl (easy to cut for use with grabrail) ? -Daryl dcassada@fuse.net

Comment by Littlest Ninja: NinjaFamily@comicsplus.com

Comment by sabby: riomp300@yahoo.com

Comment by Stray: mudzone95@charter.net

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