Which of the following safety gear items do you wear when riding?

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Helmet  154 / 98%
Jacket  140 / 89%
Gloves  147 / 94%
Riding Pants  58 / 37%
Boots  111 / 71%

Number of voters: 157

Poll created on May 21, 2004 by Payne.

Comment by indypup: ATGATT

Comment by Sunderer: my boots are not motorcycle specific... but bright yellow cowboy boots are the bomb!!!!

Comment by rikkijustmike: I want to get some of those jeans with the pads in them, but my wife is afraid that I'll start wearing them to non-bike-related-functions

Comment by atrain: ATGATT

Comment by Shotgun23: Need to get riding pants, but don't have the $$$ to do so at the moment. My boots are really just army-surplus combat boots, but they work fine for the time being. Besides, you never know when you'll be able to use the benefits of steel-toe and steel-shank boots.

Comment by ninjeff: I still need to get real riding pants (had some that didn't fit and returned them).

Comment by NSYNC: I would wear two more Helmet if possible

Comment by KawiDavis: Need some pants, havent ever worn boots.

Comment by bskicrash1: if it isn't CE rated, then i won't wear it. I value my skin and body very much!

Comment by dizeldawg: Jacket and boots are sometimes optional, depending on weather and length of trip.

Comment by harold: pants are optional -- almost never around town, usually for trips to the suburbs, and always for highway rides. My boots are easier to put on than shoes; so they always go along.

Comment by Eric R: ATGATT, though the boots aren't purpose built.

Comment by GXRKLR: All of it. Helmet, jacket and gloves if I'm just running to the store for a bit.

Comment by OldMarine: who me sceardddd ??

Comment by Marylin: Better sweat than blood - will be getting leather pants soon, have everything else.