Who's the meanest, most disrespectful, evil Moderator/Admin? Give examples of things they said to you, and what was the dumb ass thing you said or did that evoked such a reaction from them.

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Jim Race  9 / 18%
Ian  19 / 37%
MIK  5 / 10%
Wes  4 / 8%
Brian  7 / 14%
Payne  2 / 4%
Jeb  1 / 2%
Woot  1 / 2%

Number of voters: 51

Poll created on February 7, 2005 by Ian. It concluded on March 9, 2005.

Comment by Ian: I've seen Wes go off once, and i'm glad it wasn't me he was blasting. Jim Race is always entertaining to read. Payne and Brian haven't quite gotten into their roles yet, so they still try to act civilized at times when they should let their hair down. Sometimes I wonder if Jeb retired or something. And Mik... Well, he's MIK. 'nuff said. Me? I don't respond to as many posts as Jim Race does, but people REMEMBER my posts. That says volumes. ;)

Comment by MIK: It's Ian, no doubt. I was in first place some time ago, but it is hard to compete with Ian and Jim. I award myself 3rd place :-D

Comment by Jim Race: Screw this poll and screw Woot. He hacked it so his name is gone. Bastard. Edit: Fine. The punk put it back in so I'd look like an ass. I blame Canada.

Comment by Payne: Had to vote for Woot; didn't want him to feel left out. :D I'm content writing software and not chastising the assmonkeys. Always enjoy seeing them get what they deserve, though.

Comment by dizeldawg: Bastard thinks he's ALWAYS right, even when he's WRONG! You should win this one hands down pal!

Comment by woot: You ruined my shutout, I'm ruining yours! =) Also would have voted for Jeb for the same reason. That race is on.

Comment by ZZR_Ron: I voted this way...'cause BrianM told me to!

Comment by TZ: Although knowledgeable and helpful, Ian is often too harsh on people. Hey, nobody is born an expert motorcyclist! BTW, why would anyone even want to know who is "officially" the "most evil admin"? Are you going to discipline Ian (most likely winner)?

Comment by IanJ: Ian is the only admin who freely speaks his mind -- this makes him "mean" because he doesn't pull his punches. Other admins are all lovey-dovey and will try not to tell you how stupid you're being.

Comment by John: poor Jeb didn't have a single vote yet..

Comment by LDBandit: That bastard hates red motorcycles and that's all I've got! :-P Then again, might be Ian because he put paragraphs in a ride report. RUN ON SENTANCES RULE! Then again, I never got to see what you guys said about me after the Gyp'ed thread. :-D

Comment by Mike_CA: I simply can't let MIK lose to Jim Race in a meanness contest :P

Comment by Leon: I'm only voting for Ian because he bribed me by buying breakfast last Sunday.

Comment by elenchos: None of the above. They're all way too soft.

Comment by KnightWhoSaysNi: Has to be MIK- guy comes down on me for calling a moderator an old fart. I mean, I understand you've got to protect the zebras, but my goodness.

Comment by redshad: I never had any run-ins but i did laugh at the post the other day when Jim got onto the guy that posted something about a helmet and then he got called a old fag..lol

Comment by dasMikechen: To be honest, most everyone whose name I see just flashes the associated word "MODERATOR" in my head. Basically I have trouble discerning one of you from the next... Alls I can say is JimRace likes to race and talk about the infinite impossibilty of never having a ZZR in the States : p so his crushing of everyone's dreams gets my vote (however very correct he is on his statements)

Comment by Eric R: How could I not vote for Ian? This guy yelled at me about driving with my highbeam on "You have been told..." ! I just hope he doesn't enjoy the "punishments" too much.

Comment by Kristin: No reason, just wanted to add to his lead!

Comment by sabby: Wes can get fiesty with people as far as using FAQ. But other than that he's very knowledgable about 250 topics

Comment by harold: I'm not even sure it was MIK, but too bad; I'm blaming him anyway. Someone dissed my speedbleeders and suggested that a MightyVac (or something like that) was more versatile and less expensive for multiple vehicles. Darn mods -- always passing up on feel-good comments in favor of good advice!

Comment by Papaflynny: I love mean,disrespectful,evil moderators because it keeps everybody on their toes.Am I a Squid,a noob or just a posser or do I have a valid FAQed question?Jim will tell them where to go or give a valid answer.It's a free country and I appreciate his sledgehammer approach.Ian's a close second.

Comment by Jeb: The tossup is between Max and Ian, AFAIC. Jim Race is getting older, so he deserves to be grumpy now and then. Payne and Woot are pretty chill, and Brian and Wes rarely offend. And I, well, I've become a lot more laid back in the last year (don't start nothin', won't be nothin'.) Ian gets my vote because Max works pretty hard on keep the code running, and that's no small task. Ian's got the moto-knowledge, and a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Comment by loudboys: I voted for Payne because I didn't want him to think he was being ignored. :-)

Comment by Andrew Duthie: It's gotta be Jim, doesn't it? I mean, he hides behind that ridiculous fake name and everything rather than being honest about his true identity, and all that. (Hey, it's late, and I can't get to sleep now, so I'm answering a rather old poll that's still got a sticky on the board. :P)

Comment by Shelly: Ian ! Cause he is mean to me!