Did you buy your Ninja 250(s) new or used?

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New  59 / 52%
Used  57 / 50%

Number of voters: 114

Poll created on April 5, 2005 by Payne. It concluded on December 31, 2009.

Comment by busboy68: too good of a deal to even think about buying new

Comment by jdonk:

Comment by Sunderer: My first bike...who knows if i'll drop it or not.... Haven't yet but for half price on year and a half bike who cares? I'm supporting those who do buy new!

Comment by helzerr: With only 2200 miles on the clock, it was practically new!

Comment by atrain: Gotta love Craigslist.

Comment by compugeek2b: It only had 585 miles on it.

Comment by Shotgun23: 07 model with 1 mile on it. Probably could've found a used one but the market for them is pretty bad around me.

Comment by NSYNC: new 2007 beutiful silver , it is a head turner

Comment by ninjeff: Used 2007 (in 2007) with 1170 miles.

Comment by sonny: 52 miles, $2000.00, A 2004, bought in 2006.

Comment by bskicrash1: 5,700 miles on it

Comment by bugsy: ~900 miles

Comment by CharlesH: 2003 with 1042 miles for 2425 OTD

Comment by dizeldawg: Brand new in June 2004

Comment by Papaflynny: Bought the last bike before the Kawasaki dealer closed. Harley mechanics prepped & delivered it.

Comment by Leon: used, used, used and a few used ones that I don't ride.

Comment by Mike_CA: Used, got a great deal too. Tank bag, tail bag, works performance shock, non-stock tires were all thrown in.

Comment by KnightWhoSaysNi: Used- P.O.(s?) had dropped it lightly once or twice

Comment by LazyLion: In '04 an '98 w/2k mi.

Comment by GitchM: The price of the used bike was less than the track-day rentals plus the repair price if I crashed the rental bike. It was the most cost effective way to get back into riding after a 17 year hiatus.

Comment by Kristin: Bought my 1995 for $1650 in 2000.

Comment by Duke Dunsford: Used, Used and lots of used parts. Occasionally they get new parts, but that's only when used parts aren't available or dependable.

Comment by LDBandit: Both of them were used.

Comment by Alavan: Bought a 2005 in Nov. 2004

Comment by Marylin: Paid for a used one from Motorcycle Madness in NJ on e-bay and never got it or my money back. Looking forward to my day in court.

Comment by Jeb: Used, always used.

Comment by KarlP: With 666 miles. It was a devil of a deal.

Comment by Gordon: With only 50 miles in like new condition for $2,500 w/Shoei helmet.

Comment by Becky: Bought mine from Deerhorn Cycles online. They delivered it to me from California to North Dakota.

Comment by Andrew Duthie: Looked at a used one. They wanted $2500 and it wouldn't even start. Shyeah, right.

Comment by BrianM: I'll NEVER buy a new bike.... (heh, okay.. so that's only true so far, and I'm looking to make it untrue with a BMW K12S)

Comment by ZX2Addict: NEW! I love breaking it in myself :)

Comment by Jammers: Can't pass up a $450 motorcycle!