In which month(s) did you buy your Ninja 250(s)?

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January  5 / 5%
February  9 / 9%
March  12 / 12%
April  12 / 12%
May  7 / 7%
June  10 / 10%
July  9 / 9%
August  19 / 18%
September  9 / 9%
October  9 / 9%
November  6 / 6%
December  2 / 2%

Number of voters: 103

Poll created on April 5, 2005 by Payne. It concluded on December 31, 2009.

Comment by jdonk:

Comment by Mike B:

Comment by Sunderer: Prices are down before and after the summer riding season! Be patient and save your money!

Comment by NSYNC: june 2007

Comment by ninjeff: Bought it today! June 23, 2007.

Comment by bskicrash1: bought it with 5700 miles on it

Comment by Payne: April 4, the anniversary of MLK's assassination.

Comment by CharlesH: Last day in August.

Comment by dizeldawg: Sorry I waited, lost half the riding season!

Comment by Mike_CA: It's been just over a year and it just keeps getting better.

Comment by elenchos: Dang! One year anniversary coming up. Does that mean I will graduate out of my newbiehood?

Comment by KnightWhoSaysNi: Best Xmas gift I've ever bought for myself.

Comment by Eric R: As soon as the Helix sold, I was on the hunt :)

Comment by GitchM: Bought in September of 2003. Had to learn to ride again for a track day in November 2003 - friend coerced me into it :-) .

Comment by Duke Dunsford: At least that's the month on my license plate.

Comment by Alavan: X-mas present to self.

Comment by Marylin: Christmas present to myself.

Comment by Jeb: I've bought six. Can't remember all the months, but marked a few of them.

Comment by Becky: Bought it in the winter in North Dakota and stored it in the kitchen until Spring.

Comment by Andrew Duthie: The weather was good. The Concours' brakes were bad. I had to ride. I had more than enough money to pay for it.

Comment by BrianM: Valetines Day to be specific (my Wife loved her gift.. :P )

Comment by Woody: My wife bought it for me as b/day present