What color is your Ninja(s)?

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Blue  30 / 25%
Red  19 / 16%
Yellow  19 / 16%
Black  27 / 23%
Green  11 / 9%
Silver  15 / 13%
White  2 / 2%
Other  1 / 1%

Number of voters: 118

Poll created on July 1, 2005 by Payne.

Comment by indypup:

Comment by darrell85:

Comment by busboy68:

Comment by jdonk: And proud of it!

Comment by Budd:

Comment by Sunderer: I've never seen anything better looking without being custom! 2006!

Comment by Chop: Red with the black decals(for now)

Comment by Shotgun23: Black with the tribal red flames. Although I am somewhat tempted to give it a good old camo paint job like my old pickup used to have.lol.

Comment by NSYNC: I love all the 2007 colors

Comment by ninjeff: Silver with red flames.

Comment by KawiDavis: 94' stock graphics...best ever

Comment by sonny: like green best but bought a used bike

Comment by bskicrash1: the green ones are the fastest! joke

Comment by Adam Bailey: Yellow is the fastest. And it makes you cooler. And more successful in life.

Comment by AlanS: "the fastest color"

Comment by AlohaNinjette: Black with the older teal and blue graphics. Still my favorite color combo.

Comment by lilyellow: Yellow is sweet! High visibility and looks great. Blue would be my second choice. Ly

Comment by Marylin: Mine's silver. I was just wondering about this yesterday (7/3) because of the 5 other members I've met so far - 3 have had yellow bikes. I even wanted a yellow bike but could not find one before Christmas.

Comment by zerocool: red is faster

Comment by c2000: My was yellow - sold

Comment by OldMarine: All black w/ red pinstripe

Comment by kemp: Not the cool yellow and black. Just yellow and purple.

Comment by dasMikechen: Red with purple.... *shudders* Wish it weren't purple...

Comment by Papaflynny: Kawi green owns and is highly visible (safety).

Comment by CharlesH: 2003 Blue/yellow. Best color combo ever done on the 250 to date.


Comment by dizeldawg: I wanted the blue 04' but there were none left and I didn't want to wait.

Comment by TZ: Yellow is visible. It is the color of of LA Lakers, Brazilian national soccer team and Maillot Jaune. The most successful color.

Comment by kurbycar32: custom paint

Comment by Woody: '93 black with teal & purple