How do you like the 2006 Ninja 250?

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Love it!  8 / 24%
An improvement  12 / 35%
Like it as well as previous years  10 / 29%
Don't like it quite as much  4 / 12%
Hate it!  0 / 0%

Number of voters: 34

Poll created on September 16, 2005 by Payne. It concluded on December 31, 2005.

Comment by Payne: Like the new turn signals. Glad they kept the chrome exhausts. Like the single color. Don't really care for the graphics, but I'm glad there is nothing under clearcoat on the tank so they can easily be removed.

Comment by KnightWhoSaysNi: Nice to see a solid color scheme again- could do without the flames, but overall it's quite sharp

Comment by gti20vturbo: I think the yellow looks great, the graphics I will have to see in person.

Comment by CharlesH: Best color combo IMHO was the '03 blue.

Comment by emdsd: The turn signals and solid color are an improvement.

Comment by Marylin: Love it - except for the chrome pipes. I think black looks better.

Comment by RiceBurner: i like the turn signals... the polished cap would depend on what colors the bike was... it would look very smooth with a silver bike, but with, say, green it might stand out too much. i did like the black under cowling. on the yellow color, the black grab bar makes it look like a bee. it's to bad it still has those k630's :/ something newer on 17" rims would have been awesome. the flames have to go... but credit to Kawi for getting further outside the norm - how often do you see a factory flame job? Tyrel

Comment by GitchM: I like the graphics and contrasting paint scheme of my yellow 2002 better than the single color and flame graphics of the 2006.

Comment by klh: I think the solid colors all look great; I love the blue. The flames don't bother me at all, they make the bike go faster, right?

Comment by OldMarine: i think i would actually wash it if i bought one.

Comment by Jeb: I like that one can pull off the flames and have a solid-color bike, with several colors to pick from. Great for modifying, with no tank sanding required.