Do you have any tattoos?

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Yes  28 / 33%
No  57 / 67%

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Poll created on January 5, 2006 by Payne.

Comment by indypup:

Comment by darrell85:

Comment by busboy68: large guardian angel on my right upper arm

Comment by jdonk:

Comment by Budd:

Comment by Chop: I have 10 of them in various locations- smallest is about 2inch x 4 inch- biggest is a bout 18 inch x 12 inch

Comment by gbwinger: No interest.

Comment by ash73x: 4 and intend to get more, all black work

Comment by ninjeff: Tatts can be cool but not on me.

Comment by sonny: planning a few more

Comment by NamedSEVEN: I have the Kanji symbol for Strength on my left outter ankle. I'm not a big guy, so if I got one on my arm - it'd be a damn small tattoo!

Comment by oogie_boogie: Not unless you count the gravel that's still in my elbow from road rash, or that scar on my knee from locking the front brake on a dirtbike when I was 16.

Comment by Becky: I have 6 total. 1. Eagle on left leg. 2. Eagle and Hawk feathers on left arm. 3. Wolf on right shoulder. 4. Bear paws on left, back shoulder. 5. howling wolf on right ankle and 6. 5th Marriage Anniversary tatoo of 5 marriage lines on inside of left wrist that shows up under black lights.

Comment by Tom F: Tribal Armband on right arm and tribal on left shoulder (7 other friends have the same one....it was a vacation thing).

Comment by Payne: Not yet, but I'm strongly considering getting an M.C. Escher design tattooed on my calf, such as this.

Comment by kemp: Had considered getting one around my navel that says, "Inflate to 35 psi." But, I've lost weight . . .

Comment by pm1000: I'm gonna get a portrait of me, actual size.

Comment by Alavan: I'm starting to get age spots at 37. Does that count?

Comment by klh: Need to add a choice "no, but will soon..."

Comment by OldMarine: I want one that says antidisestablishmentarianism or maybe msinairatnemhsilbatsesiditna

Comment by pizzamakingmike: I think one would be cool, but have yet to come up with something I would want forever.

Comment by ZZR_Ron: Imagine what that'll look like when yer 70!

Comment by lynda: both my husband and I have tats, I have a total of 12 and still going. Its just as adicting as motorcycle riding. I'll have to give you a looksy someday.

Comment by TZ: No, thank you. Time passes, tastes change. I'd hate to find myself 10 years from now with a tattoo that I find ridiculous. A bit of wisdom that I've heard somewhere: considering a tattoo? get the image that you want on a piece of paper and put it on your refrigirator. If after looking at it every day for half a year you still like it - ink it!

Comment by Gordon: Never and never! Tattoos have about as much appeal as smoking.

Comment by Marylin: Not yet. Have wanted one for a very long time but am a "chicken". Now that I have people that are very special to me, I would like a butterfly for each of my girls, including my Mother that is now in Heaven, surrounding the word LOVE.

Comment by LDBandit: Thought about getting AU (Auburn University) on the ankle or shoulder. Of late I should probably get dumbass on my forehead. :/

Comment by gti20vturbo: Several

Comment by jjdesi4: considered, have yet to go thru with it

Comment by woot: Not yet. Nothing has struck me yet as something I need to have permanently on my body...

Comment by cultureslayer: I've considered getting a celtic cross, but can't figure out exactly what I want.

Comment by Sameraz: Just never was into them most of my life.

Comment by Bat: Yepper - four, my art, Sister Bear's needles - bring on the agony of the ink!

Comment by LazyLion: A couple, but my wife has five.

Comment by joey v: every time I think about getting one, I reflect on the tattoos I wanted to get a few years ago. That always makes me reconsider.

Comment by dizeldawg: My wife has two....one of which I designed!

Comment by davenest: The only one I would ever consider, is one right above my buns, that reads " Exit Only". Just kidding, I really like some peoples artwork, it is just not for me.