Would you be offended if someone sat on your bike without asking permission?

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Yes  61 / 97%
No  2 / 3%

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Poll created on January 10, 2006 by Payne.

Comment by indypup:

Comment by darrell85:

Comment by jdonk: It's my bike!

Comment by Budd:

Comment by Sunderer: Isn't that why we have a center stand? I know that its great for the 5% of the time im working on the bike but the other 95% of the time when my bike is gracing your area, feel free to hop on and may god&Satan team up to curse your children if you knock it over!

Comment by gbwinger: Just ask and I'll probably say ok, but never sit on someones bike without asking. I wouldn't pop the door open and jump in thier car, would you?

Comment by Shotgun23: I have a feeling I would be tempted to perfom a curb-stomp on the poor fool, and then ride away in quite a hurry. jk, but it would cause an ugly scene.

Comment by s133jh1: I would take it as a complement, that they like the bike.

Comment by ninjeff: I'd consider it the same as getting into my car uninvited. In my neighborhood I'd assume anyone getting on my bike could be trying to steal it... Someone could get hurt.

Comment by KawiDavis: Hell Yea!

Comment by Woody: need to figure out how to install ejecter seat , or perhaps a bear trap in the seat to bite their ass off.

Comment by ZX2Addict: ABSOLUTELY.

Comment by BrianM: That's a Really good way for someone to meet my 'not so friendly' personality (of which noone here has even seen close)... bad idea

Comment by Becky: I'd probably tackle them while they were still sitting on it.

Comment by dizeldawg: Of course! It's not a park bench dammit!

Comment by jacobhoyt: the main problem I would have would be if they dropped it accidently. if you've never been on one before it is so easy to lose your balance and realize you've got 300 pounds of metal getting ready to crush your leg.

Comment by Mike_CA: Yes, but I almost had to do it to someone else's bike yesterday. Some goon parked his bike so close to mine that I had to drag my sidestand along the ground before I could get far enough away to stand it upright. I thought bikers would know better than to do something that stupid.

Comment by woot: It's funny - no one would hop into someones car when they weren't there and make race car sounds... but on a bike it seems normal to them? Get off you d'os...

Comment by lilyellow: I would also have been peeved at his actions. Personally, I would give you the shirt off my back, but don't try to take it without me offering it to you. My response to his "mind if I take it for a spin" question would have been, "yes I mind, and I'm also not happy that you're sitting on it" Grrrrr! Ly

Comment by Payne: This recently happened; I was at my mother's house, and a friend of her's stopped by to visit. In the course of checking out my bike he helped himself to sitting on it, and I was a bit purturbed, but let it slide. He then casually said, "Mind if I take it for a spin?" You know what the answer to that was. ;-)

Comment by TZ: I have been asked by strangers to sit on my bike and even take pictures of them doing it. No problem. A few times I even encouraged people to get on. They were asking questions about the bike, so I tried to be helpful. If asked politely, I'll be very considerate in return. However, I resent people who grab my personal posessions without asking when visiting my home. Same feelings apply to the bike. Territorial/posessive instincts, I guess... I firmly believe that one should ask before touching other people's stuff.