Do you have any piercings?

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Ear (if you're a guy, or a woman with nonstandard)  25 / 44%
Nose  3 / 5%
Brow  1 / 2%
Lip  2 / 4%
Tongue  5 / 9%
Navel  6 / 11%
*Ahem* other areas ;-)  4 / 7%
None for me  26 / 46%

Number of voters: 57

Poll created on April 18, 2006 by Payne. It concluded on December 31, 2009.

Comment by jdonk: A long time ago and closed up.

Comment by Sunderer: no thank you...

Comment by atrain: two on the left ear, one on the right

Comment by Shotgun23: Don't have any at the moment, but in the past have had: septum, nostril, navel, tongue(2 times), nipples(2 times each), and 4 surface bars along my torso.

Comment by ninjeff: I'm not into piercings.

Comment by Woody: i used to have three in my left ear , but not anymore since they got torn out in a fight.

Comment by NamedSEVEN: Used to have one in my left cartiledge - but decided I needed to be professional coming out of college, so I took it out. But I still have the one guy below the belt. If I'm not careful, when I'm lounging around at the pool and sit on a metal patio chair, I sometime get that "tink" sound... That's always a good ice breaker.

Comment by RON S: put one in my left on my 55 th bd. just to pss em off. i like it

Comment by ZX2Addict: Lip. :)

Comment by Becky: 2 in the right ear and 1 in the left. I haven't worn earings for almost 10 years though. I can only wear conservative earings, one in each ear while in uniform.

Comment by BrianM: I was a little 'off' in college, had 8 (only 3 in the ears).... went to court for some "bad stuff, m'kay", and decided to clean up, so all but the first came out.

Comment by cultureslayer: I had 2 sets of holes in my ears, until one closed (nickel). Might have it redone when I don't have to worry about the bike helmet.

Comment by lynda: Thought I never would but here we are and maybe more to come.

Comment by Bat: Lol - tongue piercings crack me up...I already have a natural lisp, that people *pay* to get one...too funny! Actually wanted to do my eyebrow but hubby said he'd never be able to look at my face again so that ended that, lol.

Comment by Marylin: I'd get a tattoo before getting (my ear) pierced. Basically NO.

Comment by John: I already cause my body enough UNintentional damage..

Comment by Payne: 2 in my left ear (Photo)

Comment by Mike_CA: Not my bag.....unless I could get an arrow through my head, ala Steve Martin.

Comment by AlanS: hommie dont do dat'

Comment by woot: Piercings are bad m'kay

Comment by Bokonon: 3 left ear (80's leftovers; should've seen some of the big, dangly stuff I wore back then), 1 right (done in late 90's when looking for balance). Still wear occasionally at age 44.

Comment by IanJ: 4 in my left ear, black titanium tension rings with silver balls