Do you usually wear earplugs when you ride?

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Yes  42 / 35%
No  79 / 65%

Number of voters: 121

Poll created on May 21, 2004 by Payne.

Comment by indypup:

Comment by jdonk: My Shoei helmet is so quiet I don't need them.

Comment by Sunderer: I should and will for tour!

Comment by Shotgun23: Never have used them, but plan on trying it sometime just for kicks.

Comment by ninjeff: No. Noise is cut quite a bit with my helmet. I like to be able to hear what's going on around me some too.

Comment by OldMarine: what!!! I'm sorry what!!!

Comment by Papaflynny: only on the highway...Huh???...What???

Comment by Marylin: But I'm thinking about it.

Comment by Gordon: Noise with the helmet on is not too loud except for some wind noise on the interstate.

Comment by Jammers: I'm gonna be riding for years to come and I don't wanna miss out on anything in the future!