Do you wear earplugs?

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I always do  26 / 37%
I sometimes do  16 / 23%
I rarely do  2 / 3%
I haven't, but might  12 / 17%
I never will  14 / 20%

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Poll created on May 9, 2006 by woot.

Comment by indypup:

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Comment by jdonk:

Comment by babe: I just got some custom made at the bike show. They fit great and work so well I won't ride without them again.

Comment by weaver:

Comment by Sunderer: I haven't yet but for my long 1200 mile trip i sure will!

Comment by sprale: I am not bothered by wind noise after installing a tall windscreen. It made a huge difference from stock. I actually did wear plugs occasionally with the stock screen.

Comment by gbwinger: I like being able to hear!

Comment by ninjeff: I don't think I need to wear earplugs on my bike. It's not very loud. With a helmet on I think that cuts down the sound enough.

Comment by chkuo: I always wear earplugs for any ride that's >15min. For shorter rides , such as my 5min commute, I only wear them sometimes.

Comment by ithaca00: I always wear plugs when I ride. On long solo rides I tend to put some headphones in that block out a good portion of the wind noise. When I'm coming home from the video store I'll go sans plugs but that's a two mile drive at 40mph or less...

Comment by Sean: under 20 minutes = no ears plugs over 20 minutes = ear plugs

Comment by KawiDavis: I use an ipod, similiar to earplugs i guess

Comment by sonny: i have a hearing loss from the days before earplugs, don't want it to get worse any sooner than it has to.

Comment by bugsy: highway riding, more than a half hour or so.

Comment by zerocool: like to hear whats going on around me

Comment by Daryl: Any ride over 30 minites which is about 98% of the time.

Comment by Becky: Less fatigue when earplugs are worn.

Comment by lg: gotta protect the ears. i want to be rocking into my 80's at least

Comment by Mike_CA: Always. It's bad enough to be stuck wearing glasses, if I had to have hearing aides too I wouldn't be a happy camper.

Comment by helzerr: Any ride over about 10 - 15 minutes, I wear ear plugs.

Comment by KnightWhoSaysNi: I always wear plugs when taking long trips, or when I do hard riding- I find the high RPM noise distracting. For my daily 15min commute I don't.

Comment by Marylin: I always do cause I never know when I'll be going over 45mph. Try it - you'll be amazed at the difference.

Comment by IanJ: I always wear earplugs if I'm riding more than about 15 minutes. Unfortunately, they make my (pre-existing) tinnitus much more prominent.

Comment by Payne: Wearing plugs makes riding much more peaceful and reduces fatigue, as well as the obvious of helping to preserve my hearing over the years.

Comment by BrianM: I absolutly, will not, EVER, ride a bike without my 'gear'... and that includes earplugs (Howard Leight MAX plugs).

Comment by woot: Once I tried them I never went back