After how many years will you replace your helmet?

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After 1 seasons  1 / 3%
After 2 seasons  1 / 3%
After 3 seasons  10 / 34%
After 4 seasons  2 / 7%
After 5 seasons  10 / 34%
After 6-7 seasons  2 / 7%
After 8-10 seasons  1 / 3%
Never replace helmets  2 / 7%

Number of voters: 29

Poll created on May 26, 2006 by woot.

Comment by indypup:

Comment by jdonk:

Comment by Sunderer: On discount they are cheap so I have no problem retiring my old helms to dirt/dual sport and sticking out the moon roof of our van!

Comment by ninjeff: I bought a used, good condition helmet a week or so before buying my bike. I will buy a better 1 that matches my bike after I get other gear such as a jacket, pants, and boots. It should be ok while I'm learning and cruising my neighborhood, until I start heading out on the highways.

Comment by dizeldawg: The helmet is fairly new, so I don't know when I'll have to replace it. I had a Kiwi that lasted me 10 yrs.

Comment by Zeke: I won't replace it unless necessary.

Comment by BrianM: Takes about 5 seasons for the Arai padding to compress enough to not fit right.... so I wear the helmet till it doesn't fit right (should be 7 years for my current helmet). It'll be the 2nd to make the full haul (of 4 non-race lids)

Comment by Payne: After three years my HJC CL-14's internal padding had compressed such that the helmet was no longer snug on my head as it should be, which is the main reason I replaced it.