How old is your current helmet?

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New this season  18 / 43%
One season old  5 / 12%
Two seasons old  9 / 21%
Three seasons old  2 / 5%
Four seasons old  4 / 10%
Five seasons old  1 / 2%
Six to seven seasons old  2 / 5%
Eight to ten seasons old  1 / 2%
Older than that for sure  0 / 0%

Number of voters: 42

Poll created on May 26, 2006 by woot.

Comment by indypup:

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Comment by jdonk:

Comment by Sunderer: new(used) bike new closeout helmet!

Comment by ninjeff: Mine says Snell 2000 on the back so I'm guessing it's about 7 years old.

Comment by NSYNC: I bought one scorpion 400 on june 06/07 , yesterday i bought one scorpion 700 for my wife, both new very comfortable.

Comment by Becky: My multiple helmets have varying season use. My AGV has been a backup helmet for 5 seasons. The Scorpion is 2 seasons and the HJC Cl-14 is new this season.

Comment by GitchM: Bought the EXO-400 last year to replace the HJC CL14. The HJC fogged too much and lifted at higher speeds.

Comment by Adam Bailey: Just picked up an HJC SY-Max a month or two back.

Comment by BrianM: 4 seasons, but it's an Arai, rated to 5, and it's been shelved for the last couple of years (sorta extendeds the life as it's not out in the sun).

Comment by Mike_CA: 2 seasons. I'm planning on replacing it soon, mainly because of fit issues.

Comment by woot: I'll replace my helmet before the next season starts