How well does your helmet fit

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It fits perfectly  33 / 66%
There are tight spots that I notice after a long ride  9 / 18%
There are tight spots I notice  3 / 6%
It is uncomfortably tight even for a short rides  0 / 0%
It is too big for me now  4 / 8%
It was always too big for me  1 / 2%

Number of voters: 50

Poll created on May 26, 2006 by woot.

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Comment by jdonk: Shoei TZ-R medium. It cost more then the HJC I as also looking at, but it fit much better. It also have very little wind noise. I love it.

Comment by WBBulldogs: Bought an HJC CL-SP from NewEnough. I read reviews about the superb quality of a budget priced helmet and decided to buy it. I also received information that it usually ran a size big for most so I ordered the next size down than I'd usually wear. I ordered a Small instead of Medium and it fits perfect and the comfort is very good. I haven't been on a ride for longer than 75 miles so I'll wait but I don't think it'd give me any problems. It's a great helmet.

Comment by Sunderer: like a glove! I know icon's are for posers but the fit is perfect for my head!

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Comment by rikkijustmike: I get a lot of crap because I wear a Z1R helmet. I'm using the metro. I have to admit, I bought it for comfort. I was using a flip face before that, but it made me feel like a bobble head. It was a pretty inexpensive helmet and thats why I get made fun of, but its super comfortable and at least DOT approved.

Comment by gbwinger: HJC CL Max

Comment by Shotgun23: Scorpion Exo400....fits like a glove, absolutely love it.

Comment by ninjeff: I bought a lightly used, medium sized, Vega full face for $25 and it fits really well. It'll work until I get a matching helmet (for my future bike), and I'll use it for a spare or something.

Comment by Daryl: My last two helmets have been Arai and fit better than any other helmet I've owned and still fit snug even after 5-9 years of wear. I think helmets should be replaced after 5 years for best protection. -Daryl

Comment by KawiDavis: Its hard to give a good answer but its a mix between perfect and tight spots. Really hard to tell, i like it though

Comment by poolguymsj: It's really tight getting it on... but it fits fine once on.

Comment by Papaflynny: Scorpion helmet has excellent comfort & fit.

Comment by dizeldawg: I have a Fulmer that I love. Very light weight, and the air vents actually work!

Comment by Becky: I have multiple helmets: 1. HJC CL-14 Fuse 2. AGV Demon 3. Scorpion EXO-700

Comment by GitchM: Scorpion EXO-400. Fits great and all day comfortable.

Comment by kmag: I have a Vega, it fits very well. But there are tight spots. however it was the best of many helmets I tried on. I wear glasses, many helmets might have been fine if that were not the case.

Comment by Marylin: I hope people realize that the styrofoam liner will give alittle (shape to your head). Hard to explain what snug feels like but never buy a helmet that is too big.

Comment by Adam Bailey: Took my SY-Max on a 500+ mile trip around NY a few weeks back, noticed that after a few hours, my forehead started to hurt a bit... I think that once the padding breaks in more fully it shouldnt be an issue(for some reason I think it may root from the padding squeezing on my cheeks). My old HJC AC-11 did not have this even on my Saddle Sore 1000, but I love the convenience of the Modular... hoping it clears up. Totally comfortable on 99% of ride lengths however.

Comment by Mike_CA: It has become bigger. Or else it never really fit, but I didn't realize it (first helmet).

Comment by BrianM: I could wear my Arai for a week straight and be comfortable. PERFECT fit, leaves nothing to be desired.

Comment by woot: After 8 hours I do notice it rubs my forehead a bit... nothing major. I'd almost say it fits perfectly.