Have you completed a documented Iron Butt ride (SS1000, etc.)?

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Yes (which one(s))?  3 / 17%
No  15 / 83%

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Poll created on October 27, 2006 by Payne.

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Comment by LazyLion: SS1000

Comment by KawiDavis: Most ive road continuous is 445miles in around 8hours. I was very sore after that, cant imagine 1Kmiles!! Im still a newb though

Comment by Daryl: Yes and had a great ride! over 1,200 miles in just under 23 hours riding over 500 of the miles on backroads for a Saddle Sore and coutinued 4 hours later to complete a Bun Burner over 1,500 miles in less than 36 total hours. I had rode just under 1,100 miles before in 22 hours, it was a non docueminted ride from Cincy to Fort Meyers,Fla. -Daryl

Comment by woot: Never documented... I've done a few rides that would have counted or could have been changed to have counted.

Comment by Payne: SS1000 on 11/2/06