Question: If you've had a clutch cable(s) break, how many miles did you get out of it before it broke? Please list your bike's model year and your cable maintenance practices in the comments.

Answer: 5,001 - 10,000

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No Longer Registered bought it with 4k broke at 6k
No Longer Registered
No Longer Registered 9300 miles. Thought it serviced during two routine maintenances. So at least 3500 miles with no cable maintenance. Needless to say on my new cable its time to learn to lube/wax/ do whatever it takes to preserve it.
helzerr The original cable was still working but showing wear at 21K miles, so I replaced it. The replacement broke at just under 10K miles. 1998 model year, original cable replaced in March of '07. Regular maintenance performed on both cables.