Question: If you've had a clutch cable(s) break, how many miles did you get out of it before it broke? Please list your bike's model year and your cable maintenance practices in the comments.

Answer: Never had one break (state mileage in comments)

Users Who Chose This Answer:

No Longer Registered 12k. Replaced when it lost smooth action. Trick-keep one coiled in headlight shell, if bike has one, old bikes need a spare on board.
No Longer Registered '98 with 8500mi on it. No problems with the cable yet.
No Longer Registered Mine hasn't broken... yet. 17,300 miles
No Longer Registered 1200 miles, no broken cables :)
Andrew Duthie 21,000 miles so far.
Becky 14,365
IanJ Currently have 19k on the bike, no breakage. Lubricated the cable once at 15k miles, no issues yet. The lubrication was definitely an improvement.
Payne I replaced mine at 30,000 as a preventative measure. 2003 bike. Lubed the cable once at 24,000 miles.
sabby never had it break yet 8,000 miles on bike so far on a 2002
Zeke Only 2000 miles.
zerocool 15,000 lubed cable with chain wax every 1000 miles