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Review of KneeDraggers.com by jbell on Jan 3, 2008

Customer Service      

Comments: I would advise avoiding this company at all costs. I called customer service to inquire about shipping costs and the operator was rude and seemed like she was burdened by having to answer my questions. I should have avoided doing business with them at that point. I then ordered a size 42 Icon jacket from clearance and received a size 36. I went through the online return process and sent them an email about being reimbursed for shipping since it was clearly their fault for sending the wrong sized product. I never received a reply from them on that particular email. Instead I received a store credit which did not include the shipping price. I wrote back and told them to just refund my money if that is the way that they do business. I will never do business with this company again, and I advise others not to either. I would much rather pay a higher price locally than deal with poor customer service. I would not have even given them one star, however the form could not be submitted without selecting at least one.