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Review of Carolina Honda by Payne on Jun 13, 2005

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Comments: These guys really need to get their act together. I've never seen a VFR on their floor; none of them even seem to know what a VFR is. Only once did they have a part I needed in stock. They once tried to charge me $25 for having a part overnighted, when overnighting was never mentioned. Their policy about prepaying for parts seesaws. If it weren't an hour's drive to the next nearest Honda dealership, I'd stop using these guys. They have practically no gear, though their selection of helmets is decent. However, they don't know much about them - a salesman was touting how much better Arai is over HJC because Arai has a Snell certification; pointing out that HJC does as well promted his to say, "Huh, they must have just started that." Don't think so - I bought my Snell-certified HJC nearly three years ago.