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Location: Virginia Beach, VA
URL: www.vbcycleworld.com/

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No Longer Registered Oct 30, 2008       Only go here if you need to order OEM parts in Virginia Beach. I had trouble with online sites ordering back ordered parts so I went through them for a spare key blank. Ended up getting it 2 months la...[more]
No Longer Registered Jul 30, 2008       long story... salesmen try to charge you over MSRP and say that the website is wrong... salesmen try to convince you that a motorcycle that you seen on the showroom floor for the past 4 months just go...[more]
tmartin72 Apr 26, 2008       I went in to this dealer before buying from Sunrise Cycles. The salesman didn't want to bother with me, so he took me into a brochure room and left me there. I looked at the different brochures for ab...[more]