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New Enough      

URL: www.newenough.com

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No Longer Registered Oct 31, 2008       Ordered a FirstGear Denali jacket that was a Bargain Basement Closeout. Received order quickly and exactly as described. Their site usually provides many more detailed product photos than other site...[more]
No Longer Registered Sep 8, 2008       I bought all new gear for new bike. HJC helmet fit exactly as they said it would using their tips for measuring...ditto for my gloves.....again for my jacket....and lastly my pants. I had priced every...[more]
No Longer Registered Jul 9, 2008       Best place to shop. Got my HJC replacement visor and a Joe Rocket tank bag for $17 on closeout. Also got Teknic Chicana pants for $59. Incredible company. Would never go back to walmart for my biking ...[more]
AJinNoHills Jun 27, 2008       Reminder - they give you a discount coupon for your next order if you write a review of the gear and send in a pic with you wearing it. The deal is it's 10% of the invoice amount of the order you're r...[more]
emcviper May 18, 2008       Ordered on Tuesday at Midnight. My order shipped Wednesday afternoon from Texas, and it arrived at my place in California via FedEx ground on Saturday. Received prompt update e-mails, great return p...[more]
Jiffy May 6, 2008       Great service, great prices, and very easy to work with on exchanges. I recommend visiting their store outside of Lubbock if your in the area during business hours. Know what you want to look at...[more]
Shotgun23 Feb 24, 2008       As most everyone here can attest they are amazing. Great prices, great shipping speed, great customer service, awesome closeouts......only possible complaint would be that they have a slightly smaller...[more]
No Longer Registered Feb 24, 2008       Simply the place to get your gear. All the best stuff and you can save a TON of $$$. Sign up for their newsletter and they even tell you all the best deals as soon as they get posted. I got all my gea...[more]
MikeinRichmond Nov 7, 2007       Very pleased
Swoosie Nov 1, 2007       Nuff said since everyone else said it all. Suffice it to say I've ordered many items from them and have never been disappointed in shipping, service or selection.
helzerr Aug 24, 2007       Ordered a pair of First Gear mesh gloves on close-out. Once again, a perfectly executed transaction with New Enough!
jls Jul 25, 2007       I got an awesome deal on a Teknic Chicane jacket ($150 vs. $300 retail). They have some ridiculous prices on their closeout items. I check the site every couple weeks for a good deal.
Phrack Jul 21, 2007       I ordered a pair of Joe Rocket Atomic 2.0 Jeans for my wife from New Enough. The Jeans were on closeout so the price was $29.99. I ordered them and received them about 4 days later. After my wife t...[more]
No Longer Registered Jun 28, 2007       This place is great! They were very accommodating to me as I tried to fit my female behind in some "Made for Men with Small butts" Icon TiMax pants. I was fairly traumatized by the waist size I had t...[more]
z33tec May 26, 2007       Bought my EXO400 helmet from them. Everything went smoothly and the packaging was great.
wolfen42 Apr 16, 2007       I really can't say enough good things about my experiences ordering from New Enough. Even when I was calling to cancel an order because I thought I'd found a better deal elsewhere (My Ridegear fias...[more]
No Longer Registered Apr 8, 2007       New Enough stands out from the rest when it comes to motorcycle gear. Their customer service is among the best I have dealt with and their prices are fair. New Enough is definitely one of my favorite ...[more]
JRV Feb 4, 2007       Great customer service. I ordered the wrong size, completely my fault, and they sent out new sizes as soon as a called them. No charge for shipping. Some items are not kept in stock, so "next day" s...[more]
Leo Jan 30, 2007       I Looked around before buying my first set of gear. The comments about how the gear fits is great. I purchased all my gear from them so far. They had the best prices out there. I didn't have to deal ...[more]
No Longer Registered Nov 8, 2006       Love there prices and love the gear, service is great just fantastic.
Papaflynny Jul 16, 2006       Ordered Held Gloves on a Sat. and were on the doorstep Mon. afternoon. Saved about 50% off retail.Customer service is fantastic & $1 goes to the N250 Riders Club.
carnie6 Jun 1, 2006       Delivery was quick especially since I'm in Germany (less than a week!). Had to exchange the first item because they were too small but the exchange went great.
JustDave May 26, 2006       I've ordered most of my riding gear from here mostly due to the prices. They try very hard to satisfy their customers. The only complaint I have is their selection could be better although most anybod...[more]
No Longer Registered Apr 30, 2006       My second time buying gear from this vendor online in 3 years. I outfitted myself and my passenger with mostly closeout-priced gear. I placed the order in the evening and everything shipped the next...[more]
No Longer Registered Mar 18, 2006       Excellent communication. I've ordered for myself and a friend. I had to return one item and it was painless...they even paid to ship it back because the jacket was a different color than advertised....[more]
No Longer Registered Feb 1, 2006       New Enough had received so many positive reviews I knew I had to give them a try. I purchased a women's Joe Rocket jacket that was on clearance for $40 and kept my fingers crossed. I received an ema...[more]
No Longer Registered Jan 23, 2006       Best site I've found yet. Selection isn't all that great (since they deal primarily in closeouts), but the prices are fantastic and the shipping is unbelievably fast. I've never had to wait for more t...[more]
emdsd Nov 21, 2005       Customer service that is second to none. Very good selection of close-outs and new gear. Good pricing. Excellent return policy. I have purchased from them several times.
Daryl Oct 23, 2005       I've ordered for them a few times and nothing but great products at a very good price and great service too.
Bokonon Oct 13, 2005       There are lots of reasons to shop at New Enough. Their pricing is fair, and sometimes downright cheap. Their service is outstanding. They answered my nearly-incoherent e-mail concerning shoe sizes ...[more]
helzerr Sep 19, 2005       I got my Fieldsheer Sonic Air jacket and Teknic Violator gloves there a few years back. Very pleased with every aspect of their web store. 3/10/2006 Update: Just purchased a HJC CL-SP at New Enoug...[more]
No Longer Registered Sep 1, 2005       I'm very satisfied with Newenough's pricing, speed and such, and although the shipping was a bit steeper than most, their pricing makes up for it
No Longer Registered Aug 29, 2005       They're shipping prices are a bit higher than I'd like, but they make up for it in product pricing. I'm not a big fan about some of their products having pricing, some requiring being added to the ca...[more]
KC Aug 4, 2005       Ordered boots from New Enough. They were shipped the same day and arrived 2 days later. I would definitely order from this site again. Also, New Enough made a $1 contribution to Ninja250.org with m...[more]
No Longer Registered Aug 3, 2005       I got my HJC Von Breaker Helmet within a week. Great service and good deals at NE. I wouldn't be suprised if I go there again to get the rest of my gear. Thanks NE.
No Longer Registered Jul 29, 2005       I ordered a jacket from them and waited. Turns out it was out of stock and got a refund. Nice country people but a small place with little in stock. I tried to go there (since they are in Texas) but t...[more]
No Longer Registered Jul 19, 2005       I got a great Joe Rocket Meteor 4 jacket and gloves at what seemed to be a great price to me. I was planning on buying on ebay, but the prices looked so reasonable to me, and it was a company people ...[more]
No Longer Registered Jul 14, 2005       If you need any gear try New Enough! You wont be disappointed. Prices and service like no other place around! I will not go anywhere else when I need something.
Jiffy Jul 13, 2005       New Enough has always shipped everything to me in a very prompt manner. The prices are usually the lowest I can find. The website is pretty easy to navigate through. The customer service is by far t...[more]
CharlesH Jun 20, 2005       Often times not the cheapest price. But sometimes it is. Their customer service is the best I've seen on the internet. Very fast shipping. If I don't use the site for purchasing I'll often use it to s...[more]
elenchos Jun 17, 2005       One purchase from them, and it went just fine.
No Longer Registered Jun 16, 2005       I ordered some Joe Rocket Alter Ego pants from them that fit very well, using their sizing chart. The order got put on backorder, but somehow managed to get to my door before their estimated delivery ...[more]
No Longer Registered Jun 15, 2005       I ordered twice from these people. Everything went smoothly and arrived on time. Two thumbs up.
AP Jun 13, 2005       Nothing but great smooth transactions, great prices, and fast shipments from them. Recommended!
No Longer Registered Jun 13, 2005       When I first got my bike I bought my Joe Rocket jacket from them and since I had no idea how a motorcycle jacket would fit, they suggested I buy two different sizes and just return the one that didn't...[more]
Papaflynny Jun 13, 2005       Excellent prices on closeout stuff & regular gear. GREAT customer service support.
No Longer Registered Jun 13, 2005       I've bought several things from them. The prices are very competitive, and the shipping is surprisingly fast. Things have shown up days before I expected them. The website has not only manufacturer...[more]
Payne Jun 13, 2005       This vendor is incredible! Their prices are very competitive, their customer service is top-notch, and their shipping charges are fair. I've had to make two returns (neither of which was their fault)...[more]