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No Longer Registered Jun 15, 2007       Metricbikes.com certainly has some awesome prices on icon gear. Although, you must have an email sent to you for their pricing on icon. This isn't a big deal though, just a slight annoyance. Going thr...[more]
No Longer Registered Jul 30, 2005       Ordered Icon Jacket, gloves, tank bag - Lowest Icon prices I could find. Ok site and service, prices make it worth it. Very Happy.
No Longer Registered Jul 29, 2005       Bought some 'first-time' riding gear from them. Good transaction. Made a return with no hassle.
No Longer Registered Jul 29, 2005       Recommend using a large company like metricbikes. I first ordered my motorcycle jacket from newenough and they told me it was in stock. So I got charged - and waited. FINALLY I call and someone tell m...[more]
No Longer Registered Jun 17, 2005       I ordered an Icon Jacket and gloves from these guys. I called first, to see if the items were in stock. I was told that the jacket would ship seperate from the gloves, as it was on backorder for thr...[more]
AP Jun 13, 2005       Ordered some Icon gloves from their website. Was charged right away even though they were on back order and was not told. Email and calls to cancel after a couple of weeks of no shipment and no word f...[more]