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Dennis Kirk      

URL: www.denniskirk.com

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No Longer Registered Oct 29, 2008       Love DK products..shipping is fast, prices are ok, and service is top notch!
nofly Feb 24, 2008       Very easy to deal with good products good prices
robertllr Nov 19, 2006       I buy lots of stuff from these guys. Shipping is fast and customer service for returns is first rate. Shipping over $100 is free, and $7 for smaller orders, no complicated formulas. Prices are very...[more]
No Longer Registered Sep 28, 2006       love this store, get stuff from them a couple times a year
No Longer Registered Sep 12, 2006       Good if a little on the pricey side. Selection is quite extensive and shipping is pretty good. I'd do business with them again.
No Longer Registered Apr 23, 2006      
No Longer Registered Mar 21, 2006       Purchased a few things from them now and I've been very satisfied. Fast shipping, good prices and a "price guarantee" that I've used once so far. Definitely worth looking into for m/c needs.
Daryl Jan 22, 2006       Its been some time since I have dealed with them, they do have a nice catalog. I hear they will beat other places tire prices buy a dollar so I tryed that deal with them but they added some other cha...[more]
tk4790 Nov 28, 2005       I bought a Nolan helmet on closeout. got a great deal and real quick delivery. I will use them again soon.
keif1975 Jun 22, 2005       I ordered a bunch of tire changing tools from them and they showed up in two days and I ordered on a sunday.
elenchos Jun 17, 2005       Bought from them once, and didn't have any problems.
Payne Jun 15, 2005       These guys have an awesome catalog that's great to browse and get ideas, but when it comes to buying, there are definitely much cheaper places out there. I ordered a tank bag from them once and retur...[more]
faraldi Jun 13, 2005       First purchase, 15tooth sprocket. Delivered in 2 days. A very useful tool is the ability to list all parts for your specific make/model/year of bike. The first order comes with a very professiona...[more]