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Harbor Freight Tools      

URL: www.harborfreight.com

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No Longer Registered Sep 28, 2006       lots of stuff
PunkerScientist Aug 11, 2005       Just bought a whole bunch of stuff from them they have very cheap special offers every now and then
No Longer Registered Jul 2, 2005       I bought a torque wrench from them at an incredibly low price. It seems to work fine. My problem lies with the fact that the item went on sale for half price a few days after I bought it and I email...[more]
IanJ Jun 13, 2005       Harbor Freight is the Walmart of the tool world. They have a lot of stuff, all of it priced amazingly low, and all of it produced in China at wildly varying levels of quality. Be prepared to break t...[more]
faraldi Jun 13, 2005       Found these guys years ago when looking to improve my tool stash. Quite possibly the BEST for any type of pheumatic tool supplies with regard to pricing and selection. Purchased a 21 gallon air comp...[more]