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URL: www.bikebandit.com

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bigbike4 Sep 2, 2012       I love bikebandit. My "local" dealer 40 miles away, never has anything I need in stock. Bikebandit has reasonable prices, stuff frequently on sale and ships right to my house, saving me 160 miles in...[more]
Dachary Jun 17, 2010       I mostly like BikeBandit.com. Their prices with an AMA discount tend to be slightly better, although comparable, to Ron Ayer's. (When placing a big order - 500+ - I saved around $40 from BB vs. Ron Ay...[more]
No Longer Registered Jan 6, 2009       Always use this site whenever I can. Sweet site, Cool Cus. Ser., the selection of apparel is excellent and the Close Outs are absolutely unbeatable! some close outs are 80% off regular price!
addy12657 Oct 3, 2008       Just purchased the KBC Gunslinger Street Helmet from them. Closeout price 69.00, regular price 269.00. How could I resist! Couldn't. Had the item in a few days, shipping price 7.95. A deal was to...[more]
rats4ever Feb 24, 2008       Good prices for OEM and aftermarket parts, plus reasonable deals on gear and accessories. Trustworthy vendor.
nofly Feb 24, 2008       Great selection good service
Craig Sep 4, 2007       I like their websites ease of use. They also have a good selection. My last order shipped very slowly. I suspect that they didn't actually stock the chain I ordered, but rather they ordered it and shi...[more]
love2ride Aug 23, 2007       I order alot from them. Only bad thing is that they do not inform if something is in back order, but I havent had that happen yet.
No Longer Registered Jun 28, 2007       I've ordered from this company a few times. OEM is generally good. However, they don't inform you when ordering if it will be back ordered. I waited 3 weeks for a part, and asked customer service abou...[more]
XJWoody Dec 3, 2006       I've placed three seperate orders in the past month or so. All the orders were shipped promptly and complete. A few of the items were out of stock, but they were able to find & get those, and ship wit...[more]
thump93yj Apr 18, 2006       Great source of OEM parts with diagrams to facilitate ordering. Lacks a decent search method for non vendor specific or model specific searching... so navigation can be difficult depending upon what ...[more]
No Longer Registered Jul 26, 2005       I ordered a pair of exhaust gaskets from them after waiting 3 weeks for the local Kawa dealer. The local dealer wouldn't refund my money because it was a special order, but I had already ordered from...[more]
CharlesH Jun 20, 2005       Great site. I find I get better deals here than at ronayers. Finding correct parts is very easy. Having a set shipping fee can be nice and bad at the same time. Cheaper than the dealer.
No Longer Registered Jun 18, 2005       Prices are middle of the road for internet vendors. Nice selection of stuff for EX250. Website allows you to narrow in and find stuff just for the Ninja 250. And when you order, your order is kept ...[more]