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Aerostich RiderWarehouse      

Location: Minnesota
URL: www.aerostich.com/

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No Longer Registered Mar 20, 2008       I LOVE my Aerostich suit. There is nothing else like it on the market and it is one of the most well made pieces of kit that I own. I agree that there prices tend to be rather high on things they don'...[more]
Brendan Jul 18, 2007       Super fast shipping, excellent service. Very good selection of hard to find items, and things other places just don't carry. Highly recommend!
Daryl Feb 24, 2007       I just got my Aerostich suit back, I sent it in for repairs from a slide ride I had, so a few ballistic panels had to replaced and some velcro to. When they got the suit they called me and went over ...[more]
CharlesH Feb 20, 2006       Stopped in the store on our vacation to Duluth. Great store. Store is basically a small room inside of their clothing factory. Small but it works. And you get 10% off anything purchased in the store. ...[more]
No Longer Registered Aug 21, 2005       I bought a pair of gloves from them. Good product. Kinda pricey, but you gotta pay for quality most times. They arrived fast. Quality worth paying for, especially knowing that they'll take back wh...[more]
Daryl Jul 14, 2005       I've had my custom Aerostich Roadcrafter Suit going on 5 years, It fits perfect and still looks good and should hold up a long time. There Customer Service is the best! If you are in Duluth,Mn you s...[more]
BrianM Jul 5, 2005       I've been buying from Riderwarehouse for about 9 years now and I've NEVER been dissapointed with the items bought. Their prices tend to be a bit high on the items they don't manufactur, well, on thei...[more]
keif1975 Jun 22, 2005       I have used Aerostich a few times and they have awsome customer service.
IanJ Jun 21, 2005       I have had numerous excellent experiences with Aerostich. I bought my suit there, and when the first one didn't fit, they took it back and custom built a suit to my specification without any hesitati...[more]