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Motorcycle Closeouts      

Location: Kansas City, MO
URL: www.motorcyclecloseouts.com

Reviewer Review Date Rating Comments
Duffy Mar 27, 2008       Just bought a jacket there and I couldn't be happier with everything. The product info was really detailed. The selection and prices were great and the checkout process was painless. I couldn't bel...[more]
wolfen42 Apr 16, 2007       Some good deals hidden in that giant page of closeouts. I ordered a pair of gauntlets from them that I'm very happy with and the purchasing experience was quite good. I really appreciate the fac...[more]
amigo viejo Feb 1, 2007       I bought a pair of Oxtar Sport boots from them that listed for $230, paid $128. Their stock fluctuates so you have to keep checking their website if you're looking for a particular item. But the price...[more]
Daryl Jan 21, 2006       If they have what you need there closeout prices are great. There regular prices are not bad. Ordering on line was a breeze and I got what I ordered quick by USPS Prioity Mail on a Saturday,They charg...[more]
No Longer Registered Jul 26, 2005       Their prices are average. You can usually shave off a couple of bucks at New Enough. My wife and I went to the store during a trip and they have a very large selection of brands/styles. Of course, ...[more]