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Lake City Honda/Kawasaki      

Location: Seattle, WA

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IanJ Jan 7, 2009       I tried shopping for my '06 250 here, and they didn't have any bikes in stock, but neither did anywhere else, since I was looking in June. Subsequent interactions with the salespeople have been indif...[more]
IanJ May 4, 2006       I bought my Z750s there, and was generally pleased with the transaction. They didn't slime all over me the way salesmen usually do, although in truth I didn't really give them a chance to do any slim...[more]
No Longer Registered Dec 14, 2005       I went in to get help with my forks. They fiddled with the forks for about 20-25 minutes and finally fixed what I needed. Price: $0.00. I was amazed. I even said something like "where do I pay?" and h...[more]