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Keith in Asia      

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No Longer Registered Jan 25, 2010       Lightning fast responses to questions about his products. Happy he's still supporting the Classic EX250 community.
No Longer Registered Feb 13, 2009       Super easy ordering process. Has it set up so you can either get single parts or everything in an extremely cheap package! 11 days from there to Florida, and the signals look great.
otw_sf Sep 29, 2008       Buying the signals from Keith was a breeze ... he was great in following up, the order was processed and packaged well. The delivery speed was not bad at all, considering he was shipping from overseas...[more]
No Longer Registered May 20, 2008       Keith is very very easy to work with. The site is easy to use and fairly clear. The prices are awesome for something that fits the ninja 250 so nicely. I received my front flushmount signals in approx...[more]
No Longer Registered Mar 20, 2008       These things are awesome! The paint matched my yellow EX250 perfectly and if matched with rear lens from clear alternatives you can do away with all of those heinous bulbous stock signals.
jls Jul 25, 2007       I love my flushmounts. Paint quality was spot on. Just be ready to enlarge the hole where the stock wiring went through so that the socket can fit). Shipping is really fast considering it was the T...[more]
Vernon Jan 14, 2007       Shipping was fast, excellent email conversations. Later a bulb blew out, I emailed Keith, explaining that I overtightened the mounting screw to the Clear Lens, busting it, to an unusable state. ...[more]
No Longer Registered Nov 8, 2006       Great stuff love it! nothing better!
M Sep 27, 2006       Keith is a top-quality vendor. I had my product from SE Asia in less than two weeks. The instructions were good and the paint quality is superb!
actionace Jul 7, 2006       Provides all information you need to know for installing before you buy. Very informative and a good product for a reasonable price. Shipping from Thailand to CA was way faster than I expected. Luckil...[more]
No Longer Registered Jun 4, 2006       Very good to deal with. Great communication! The signals only need minor modifications and you cant see it once the lights are mounted so A+ all the way around!!!
ShyHalo May 16, 2006       Front turn signals matched in color to any Ninja 250. The turn signal i scomplete with an 1156 bulb and you have a choice of clear or amber lenses. I chose clear because I am converting to the really ...[more]