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Ron Ayers Motorsports      

URL: www.ronayers.com

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No Longer Registered Mar 20, 2008       Great company for OEM plastics. I found their prices to be the best I could find.
Craig Sep 4, 2007       I love Ron Ayers for OEM parts. They have much better prices than my local Kawasaki shop. Plus, my local Kawasaki shop doesn't stock ANY EX250 parts. Not even basic things like gaskets. As a result I ...[more]
JRV Jun 10, 2007       Ordered a rear sport demon, insanely fast shipping and very friendly on the phone.
Papaflynny Nov 17, 2006       Good company for OEM parts & customer service excellent.Offered a replacement chain at no charge for the one I broke.
JustDave May 26, 2006       Simply put, their website is easy to use, shipping prices for tires are the best I've seen and they ship quickly. I received my tires in less than a week after placing an order.
Tom F Jan 26, 2006       Good site for anything oem. Gasket was pricey; but it's not just them. Tom
lilyellow Jan 14, 2006       Good site for lower priced OEM parts (on most). Fair shipping costs, average shipping time. Web site is not the easiest to use, small screen area for parts fiche. I usually have my part numbers in han...[more]
Daryl Oct 23, 2005       I've only ordered OEM parts and prices seem to be very good on OEM parts but on other parts not quite as good. The parts I got was shipped in a timely manor.
No Longer Registered Oct 9, 2005       Overall a nice vendor, low prices(in some cases they had the lowest online prices), good customer service. Sometimes parts are on back order and takes a lot of time, which can be frustating. But i pla...[more]
helzerr Sep 19, 2005       I recently ordered a set of Sport Demons. Their site indicated they were in stock, but come to find out they were back ordered. They had already charged my card and could not guarantee a delivery da...[more]
No Longer Registered Sep 11, 2005       Got a couple tires and helmet from them. If you want a SHOEI helmet, they have the absolute best prices last I checked. Venders aren't supposed to be able to see prices on the website below 10% off ...[more]
No Longer Registered Jul 26, 2005       I ordered a pair of k630's and they had, by far, the cheapest prices,
No Longer Registered Jul 9, 2005       I ordered a tire. The price was good and the shipping speed was fine. What I disliked were (1) the fact that I had to create a profile just to buy a freakin' tire; (2) the fact that I got no order c...[more]
Payne Jul 4, 2005       I'm adding another review of Ron Ayers. After spending 20 minutes looking up parts on the fiches (on the newly redesigned site that doesn't give much real estate to the fiches) and beginning to place...[more]
Payne Jun 27, 2005       Definitely NOT a good place to order from if you're in a hurry. I once had an order take over two weeks just to be processed. They also take forever to answer email; I once emailed a question about ...[more]
keif1975 Jun 22, 2005       I got my tires from them and they were the best price I could find.
CharlesH Jun 20, 2005       I bought my service manual and supplement through ronayers. Can't find it on their site now but at the time it was the cheapest. Shipping was slow. They had to backorder the supplement but emailed me ...[more]
elenchos Jun 17, 2005       This is one of the first places I check when shopping online. The online parts diagrams with click-to-order links are outstanding. I've ordered MT75 tires, a bar end, some rubber dampers for the fai...[more]
AP Jun 17, 2005       Used them more than once, very pleased. Shipping is not the fastest. Good prices.
No Longer Registered Jun 15, 2005       My pair of Sport Demons shipped cost me less than my dealer wanted for the rear alone.